Centralisation of the wastewater treatment in Engelsbrand and Breitnau


Weber – Ingenieure GmbH was appointed by the municipalities Engelsbrand (Enzkreis) and Breitnau (Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald) with planning services for the abandonment of their own wastewater treatment works.

Engelsbrand WWTP (4,500 PE) will be abandoned, structures converted to provide a storm water treatment, and a new collection trunk to Neuenbürg WWTP constructed. Wastewater treatment works in Ödenbach (2,200 PE) and Oberhöllsteig (500 PE) in Breitnau will be abandoned gradually and the wastewater will be transferred through a new pressure pipe to the Hinterzarten WWTP (7,300 PE). In addition, the new construction works are required in the biological stage on the Hinterzarten WWTP. Both projects are likely to receive financial support from the State of Baden-Württemberg.

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